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Bond trading – How to trade the (government) bond market

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Master the bond market by understanding the relationship between government bonds, the interest rate, ratings and the yield curve. When does it pay off to buy or sell government bonds? Become a bond market master with this Tradimo quality online course.

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About this course

Everyone knows about government bonds, but not many retail traders know how to effectively trade bonds short-term. Successful bond trading requires understanding the creditworthiness of a state and the current interest rates and put them into relation with the value of a bond. This is exactly what you will learn in detail in this course.

Government bonds – A great trading tool beyond passive investment

Many know government bonds only as a passive investment with relatively little risk, but there are also countries in which a different picture emerges. The bonds in countries with lower credit worthiness are riskier and therefore also offer opportunities for those who are well versed in the subject.

Bond spreads trading – Profit opportunity in turbulent markets

Bond spreads are a popular tool in turbulent market phases to take advantage of some rare and lucrative opportunities while managing the risk.

In this bond course you will learn:

  • what government bonds are
  • which maturities are existing
  • how the relationship to the return is
  • what the yield curve is
  • which spreads there are
  • how to recognize and use good trade opportunities

What are Bonds?

Bonds are debt securities issued by governments or corporations to raise funds on the financial market. Thus, e.g. Bayer AG issued a bond to finance the construction of a new factory. In this process, the issuer, in this example Bayer, agrees to repay the borrowed amount at maturity, at a fixed interest rate.

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