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Become a Financial Writer & Social Content Producer

by Tradimo

About this course

Do you dream of working as a financial writer, video creator, blogger or community or social media manager? We can turn it into reality. Join our training program and receive world-class interactive online training from top content producers and writers who know the difference between a "-" and a "–".

You are...

  • passionate about financial markets (trading and investing with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether/Ethereum and others; forex; stocks; commodities; options; futures; etc.) and online content, video production and  writing
  • a fluent English speaker and writer
  • ambitious and
  • smart


You want...

  • to make an impact in the world of financial education
  • learn how to create engaging online content (financial articles, videos, quizzes, social media & other mass communication)
  • interact with other people through social media, communities and the power of your content
  • be part of a global virtual team that is on a mission together and
  • the chance to work for Tradimo after your training in a freelance or full-time position, remotely from home or in our office in Copenhagen, Denmark


Then you must take this course.

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Course Instructor

  • We believe in a world where people manage their own money. That’s why we have been building one of the largest online learning platforms for you to learn from the best traders, investors and personal finance gurus out there. Learning to trade, invest and manage your money is a serious task, at the same time it’s fun and much easier when someone shares their knowledge with you and brings you to a level where you can make your own experiences and learn by being active in the markets yourself while speaking with others in a community.

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