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Session 1: Introduction to the Programme

Session 1 of the Global Financial Writing and Social Content Production Training programme.

Homework of Session 1

1. Register at https://learn.tradimo.com/register
2. Send your email address which you have used to register, to sebastian.kuhnert@tradimo.com 
3. You will receive a Premium account at Tradimo
4. You need to choose a Nanodiploma as part of Premium and complete the first course of whichever Nanodiploma you have chosen
5. You need to sign up in the Premium community (link is visible after you have the Premium status at https://learn.tradimo.com/signal-community)
6. I will invite you to our private community inside the signal community where you will find the recorded sessions. Please send me your username to sebastian.kuhnert@tradimo.com
7. You are ready for session 2 where we will write our first article together and publish it.

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