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Session 2: Setting up Your Access & the Two Types of Articles

Setting up your Tradimo access

You may have received a voucher code for this course which you need to redeem in order to gain access to this course. If you have made it to this point, then make sure you otherwise

  1. have also managed to select your Tradimo Nanodiploma after logging in and going to your user profile, also called My Tradimo.
  2. After selecting your Nanodiploma, you need to click on it to access it, also inside your user profile / My Tradimo and should then see a full learning tree that shows you the order in which you should take the courses and give you access to your personal mentor who has assigned projects to you. As part of these projects you can also ask any trading and investing questions you have. 
  3. Make sure you also have access to the Signal Community where we have also set up a special group for members of the Financial Writing & Content Production programme. Send an email to if you struggle here.

With all this set up, we can proceed to the first real learning element.

The two types of articles

There are two fundamentally different types of articles, news and How-to, also known as learning, articles.

News articles

News articles...

  • are written objectively and do not express a personal opinion or prediction
  • contain no advertisement, affiliate or promotional elements and therefore also no links other than to sources that provide legitimacy or are needed for reference
  • do not describe step by step how to do something
  • need to live up to high journalistic standards, i.e. they need to present something new, based on facts, research and proven, named sources
  • are short-lived since they deal with a currently hot news topic

With a news article, our goal is to make it into news aggregators such as Google News. We have created some highly journalistic, well-written articles in the Tradimo News section and submitted it for inclusion in Google News. After a three-week review by Google, our news section has been accepted. This gives our news articles the chance to be read by millions instead of a few thousand.

Our goals with news articles are therefore

  • reach a wide audience of new people within a short period of time
  • build our brand
  • prepare the news readers subconsciously to be more receptive to our How-To Articles when they have to choose between our learning articles and those of other companies when they search for a certain term or phrase in a search engine.

How-to or learning articles

How-to or learning articles are deeply different from news articles in that they...

  • describe step by step how to do something
  • give deep knowledge and mastery of a subject
  • contain didactic elements such as summary boxes and illustrations
  • may be accompanied by a learning video and followed up by a quiz to test your knowledge
  • may be connected with other learning articles in a series of articles, creating a user journey
  • are long-lasting since they deal with a timeless topic and help develop a skill

With such learning articles, we aim to rank highly in organic search results, e.g. on Google or Baidu, and achieve long-lasting user satisfaction.

Our goals with How-to or learning articles:

  • rank in search engines
  • satisfy users so that they share it with their friends
  • develop a product that is more than a single article


Before the next session

  1. complete the second course within your Nanodiploma
  2. choose a topic you would like to write about and consider which other articles you can write from which you could link back to the article. The topic you choose should answer a question that someone might enter into a search engine and all subtopics that you consider should be other questions that people might enter in search engines and which answer a part of the main question that your main article is about. Send your chosen topic and at least 3 subtopics that each could be linked to the main topic to before the next session.
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