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General Cryptographic Assets – Definition

Brave New Coin's Delfin defines General Cryptographic Assets as those that "represent programmable value that can be used freely by anyone, in any sector of industry and society, as a capital, transformable/consumable, or a store of value asset." He adds that "these assets also serve as the foundation where Protocol Tokens are created, issued, and operated."

General Cryptographic Assets are one of the two main categories which structure the four types of crypto assets.

General Cryptographic Assets – In plain English

Put simply, general crypto assets are anything of value that can be programmed. It should be added that we are still talking about cryptocurrencies based on blockchain here, so the programming is done in a way that is decentralised and encrypted.

General Cryptographic Assets – Taxonomy

Hence, the General Cryptographic Assets family can further be divided into

as the following illustration highlights:

General cryptographic assets


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