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Payment Cryptographic Assets – Definition

Payment Cryptographic Assets are defined as "a general form of money with the potential to capture global M1 and M2 money supply." by the General Taxonomy (Brave New Coin). 

That is, "monies that are very liquid such as coins and notes in circulation and other money equivalents that are easily convertible into cash (M1), in addition to short-term bank deposits and 24-hour money market funds."

They are the first of the four types of crypto assets.

Payment Cryptographic Aassets in plain English

Payment cryptographic assets are the cryptocurrencies you can use for paying for goods and services.

Examples of Payment Cryptographic Assets

Most of the world's less educated population thinks about crypto assets as cryptocurrencies, i.e. means of payment. This might be explained by the fact that most crypto assets today are still belonging to this family of crypto assets:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Bitcoin Cash
  3. Monero
  4. Dash
  5. Zcash
  6. Dogecoin
  7. Verge

and many, many more as the following image illustrates:

Payment cryptographic assets aka cryptocurrencies


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