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Gap trading strategy

by Tradimo

About this course

Learn how to take advantage of market gaps

Gap trading is one of the most common tools used by institutional traders due to the high probability of winning trades. It is a well-known concept in trading, however, the methodologies of gap trading are less well-known.

This course shows you how to determine when gaps occur on a price chart and then shows two methods of actually trading the gap.

If you are looking for a solid strategy to start stocks trading, then the Gap trading method is a good place to start, because it also trades on a daily time frame – great for beginners who want a relatively easy entry, at a slow pace, into stocks trading.

In the second module you will learn the advanced Gap strategy. The advanced Gap strategy gives you a further insight into the techniques used by institutional traders that takes into account the market psychology and exhaustion patterns.

In this course, you will learn:

  • a high probability strategy to trade stocks
  • how to determine if a gap will likely close or not
  • how to use multiple time frames analysis to pin-point entries
  • how to fine tune entries in a trending market
  • how to maximize profits
  • trading the advanced gap strategy

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