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1. Why traders fail and how to overcome it

When it comes to profitable trading, we have to look beyond just charts, indicators and fancy trading methods.

In this course, we will take a look a trading journals, how to create a professional trading routine and what it takes to take overcome the most common problems traders face.

99% of all traders fail because they all follow the same advice and then get the same results. I want to provide a different view and help you focus on areas that most traders overlook.



In this first introductory video, I'll discuss the most common problems and struggles that traders have to overcome when they want to trade profitably.

Repeating the same mistakes, system hopping, finding excused and a lack of seriousness are common issues. 

In this course I will show you exactly how to overcome each of those points and I will explain how the Edgewonk trading journal fits in as well.



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