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Traders' Lounge

We offer our clients and members daily expert analysis of the currency markets (our main focus) but also other securities such as precious metals, bonds as well as indices. Our analysis is characterized by its accuracy and consistency. We review charts and identify trade setups with outstanding risk / reward profiles. Private mentoring services are available to our clients who are either starting out or are looking to improve their trading and charting skills. Furthermore, we offer additional services to institutional clients who require customized services and efficient collaboration. Our clients and members have access to daily videos and charts where we dissect price and discern market structure with the help of parallels, forks, median lines & more - tools developed by Dr. Alan Andrews, Roger Babson, George Marechal & Jerome Schiff.  The language of price: The methods employed provide the necessary edge  to better understand how price trends develop and evolve, enabling accurate forecasting as well a proper risk assessment.  They can be applied on their own to identify (i) trade setups, or (ii) as a foundation as well as (iii) in conjuncture with your propriety trading methods. You will get access to our daily videos and charts as well as our weekly webinars. Every day Alex (President of the Traders' Lounge) will post his charts in a video format. Twice per week Alex will also hold a webinar where live charting analysis will take place and where questions as well as requests from members will be answered. Traders have the possibility to post their requests in advance such as which securities they would like to have reviewed during the webinar.  

Courses by Traders' Lounge

Traders' Lounge hasn't published any courses yet.