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Trading Software

Our approach is defined by exhibiting absolute professionalism in all spheres of trading in day-to-day business. We do not want to pacify our customers with empty words and platitudes. This concept applies to the development of AgenaTrader and its additional AgenaTrader++ components, as well as our customer support and educational branches. The intention of developing AgenaTrader arose from the realization that for retail traders, none of the advanced or professional trading features that can and should support the trader in his or her daily work were available. When trading beginners make the decision to get on board with this business, it is often initially not clear to them that nowadays, trading can only be carried out with advanced technical help.

Every trader knows that trading does not mean simply winning money or getting rich easily. The road to success is long and often rocky, and always involves a high amount of risk. Many beginners have to find out for themselves that the beginning phase in particular is extremely physically demanding. was founded by a trader who was and is aware of these circumstances. This is why we do our utmost to continuously provide help, solutions and know-how in the trading industry for issues that have until now been largely neglected.