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Matt Bernstein

Why I Teach

While studying to become a Communication Major at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, I learned there is an unequal access to strategic resources, an uneven distribution of wealth, and I wanted to help solve it. At the same time selling on eBay profiting $24,000 a year, part-time.

After college, I moved to an apartment in Boston, MA (that I could barely afford) to create online courses, teaching students how to sell on eBay.

That people with full-time jobs can supplement their income with a part-time passive income.

Currently, I'm teaching people how to emulate my successes starting and growing a part-time passive income and leveraging their money (and patience) to grow a portfolio income.

Things I Like:

Bowling, reading, beer, hiking, good deli meat, memorable experiences, my girlfriend, family, and close friends.