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Step 3 - Execution

Step 3 - Executing the Trade

Let me share an inconvenient truth with you. Only a very small percentage of non-professional traders, make money in trading. And this is not just my opinion, this is a fact!

In this step of our process, we will show you how to enter and manage your trade in a professional manner.

Step 3 is about pinpointing the entry and placing your stop so you will get the best risk reward possible.

One of the common mistakes that newbies and retail traders do is that they go straight to step 3, execution. And they don’t even get that right, as they focus too much on the entries only and they neglect all the rest. 

A good solid systematic strategy should show you: a) the best possible entry point, b) where to place your stop, and c) trail your stop so you get multiple reward.

It is a shame and a waste of your time and money if you trade hours and hours only to make 20-30 pips or even worse lose money, while there are good profits to be earned! 

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