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Mastering Elliott Waves for Your Trading

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Build solid trade plan with Elliott Wave analysis. For Forex, Stock, Futures and Options traders! Analyze the currency, stock and commodity markets like a pro!

Created by Jody Samuels.

About this course

Mastering Elliott Waves for Your Trading (Elliott Wave Series) builds a solid foundation in the Elliott Wave analysis of any market. By internalizing the basic wave patterns and the wave characteristics, you will start to understand the market as repeated cycles, and grow the instinct to recognize the large trend moves.

You will also be introduced to the application of Fibonacci on wave counting, projections, and retracements.

Finally, you will learn a set of rules that you will use to tell whether your wave counts are wrong. 

There are two types of Wave Patterns 

  • Impulsive Wave Patterns and
  • Corrective Wave Patterns

You will learn the Fibonacci projection guidelines to calculate targets on trend moves.

Finally, you will pick up a step-by-step approach for determining the End of a Trend. This makes you an expert at finding the end of a move!

TIP: You will know when to be in the trend and when not to be in it!

In Putting It All Together, you will be given the Elliott Wave Trading Map that guides you in determining the position sizing on a trend move.

You will learn how to maximize your profit by increasing your position size during a Wave 3, and scaling down during corrective moves

Finally, in Practical Applications, we take you through live examples on how to label the waves by yourself using our wave counting indicator!

TIP: You will be taught how to use our Wave Counting Indicator!

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