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Become A Successful Investor

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Stock market investors buy and hold stocks for the longer term. Successful investors like Warren Buffett let their money achieve exponential results for them by buying stocks when others are fearful and being careful when others are greedy. You don't have to be a multi-millionaire to start investing. Every $100 helps you on your journey to wealth.
Saving and investing regularly is the safest way to more financial independence. Want to be a multi-millionaire, achieve an attractive side income or plan your own retirement? Then you have to learn to let your money work for you.
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Why Take The Investor Nanodiploma?
After taking this nanodiploma, you will have the knowledge to invest in stocks as riskily or safely as you would like to and will be able to do so across your entire life. You will find all information you need to understand when, how and why to buy and sell stocks. It is a learning process that is fun and exciting from the beginning. You are going to learn the methods to determine whether the shares of a company will go up or down in different ways such as by checking the company reports, reading about its economic expectations from different sources and analysing charts that show price action.
$77 trillion
Stocks traded
Total value on all exchanges in 2016
Average return of the S&P500
Data from 1928 to 2014
For the entire duration of this nanodiploma, you can contact and ask us questions at any time. Moreover, we will give you personal feedback on all of your projects in each term and ensure that you have understood everything perfectly.
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Step by step, you get the courses, quizzes and practical projects in the most effective and fun order. Once you have completed your learning journey, you receive your personal Tradimo certificate.
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After a number of courses where you have learned new concepts and tested your understanding via quizzes, you get the chance to apply your knowledge in a number of practical projects. You upload the results directly in the system and get personal feedback from your own professional trading mentor.
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Once you have passed all terms with the corresponding courses, quizzes and projects, we will create your own personalised certificate so you can show the world what you've accomplished. You can put it on your wall, add it to your CV, share it on Facebook or add it to your LinkedIn profile, because you have every right to be proud.
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Certified Investor

You will be ready to apply your knowledge in the real world for the rest of your life, continue with more education at Tradimo and look for job opportunities that your Nanodiploma helps you with. Let your mentor know if you are interested in jobs that suit your Nanodiploma and we will put you in touch with our network.
An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.
Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, renowned polymath, leading author, politician, inventor and scientist
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