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This course is about option trading and it consists of 4 parts.

If you have already passed my another course on Option Trading – great! It will be easier for you to learn this course. If not don’t worry, I tried to explain everything in details, and I am sure this course is understandable for beginners too. If you would have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. Any of them. Send me a direct message or open a discussion. And I will answer, may be, if I find your question interesting, I would record a special lection and add it to this course. Moreover I am not planning to finish this course. As I always say – learn everything on practice, that’s why I consider to add Live Trades lections to the end of the course. And you can take part there. Tell me what markets you want me to cover, and I will.

After passing this course, you would be able to trade options, to open delta-neutral strangles and what is the most important for all option traders – to know when and how to regulate your delta. The first section of the course is Introduction, and I don’t want to tell you much about it. It is the same for many courses.

The second section is theory, where I describe what markets better to trade if you decided to trade options. And of course, I teach basics of options. So, beginners are welcome!

I also show you that it’s possible to earn money selling options and explain why. This course focuses on selling delta-neutral strangles as I consider this method to be the most profitable.

The third section is the heart of this course. I demonstrate a unique (my own) procedure how and when to regulate your position: when it’s time to roll your strike and when just to wait. And you will also learn when and where to enter and escape the market.

The last section of the course is Live trading examples. These are real trades and each of them sorts out the details. And, of course, I prepared very exciting quizzes for you.

For these who would like to start trading options I can give my skype to speed up our cooperation.

See you inside!

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