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Option Trading - How To Earn If You Can't Predict The Market

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Learn how to trade options 

Created by Viktor Neustroev.

About this course

Learn how to trade options being neutral to the market!

In this course I will show you that there are many ways to trade options but only a few of them can bring you profit independently of most price movements. You will learn how to earn money from high/low Volatility and/or Time Decay.

I will explain how to estimate your risk and profit before you open option spreads. Afterwards you could easily do it yourself. You will also get a basic knowledge of trading options and parametres describing options and option spreads.

I believe you will take advantage of trading options and it will help you to make profits.

What are the requirements?

  • Just an open mind
  • Basic knowledge of trading is welcome, but not obligatory

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand what options and futures are
  • Learn about option spreads and understand when and how trade them
  • Understand at what time to enter/exit the market
  • Learn how to stay neutral to the market
  • Learn advantages of being neutral to the market
  • Know option trading terminology like Implied Volatility, Call, Put, Delta, Time Decay, Out-of-The-Money...
  • Understand basic and advanced options strategies
  • Understand what the Greeks mean when you trade options
  • Understand how to build and read a risk profile

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone interested in trading Financial Markets
  • Those who lost their hope for making profit on Financial Markets
  • Anyone who wants to understand how to trade options
  • And finally, anyone who doubts that it's possible to earn money even if you can't predict a market direction

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