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Professional Trader Training Programme

by Jarratt Davis

About this course


The complete training programme, as given to junior, graduate traders at a successful London based investment firm.

After studying this programme you will understand how and why the financial markets exist, why speculation on these markets is so important to the global economy and the methods and strategies used by institutions and firms to trade and profit from these markets on a daily basis.

The course is delivered by the head of FX at SMILe Trader Management, Jarratt Davis. Jarrat was ranked as the second best performing FX trader between 2008-2013 by the Barclay Hedge Currency Traders Index (Managing between $5 - $10 million). He manages the FX team at SMILe and also works with the firms junior traders.


Throughout the course you will learn about the four pillars of successful trading , which include fundamental analysis, technical analysis, risk management and trader psychology.

At the end of the study material you will then be given a step by step trading plan for you you can apply the information in a trading environment, which includes specific strategies as used by the FX team at SMILe, and other firms across the city.



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Jarratt Davis

Course Instructor


    Jarratt Davis is the head of FX at SMILe Trader Management. SMILe is an investment company based in London, and part of a group that is fully FCA regulated, managing over $250 million in client funds from around the world.


    When running his own managed account programme, Jarratt was ranked as the second best performing FX trader in the world, in his category, between 2008-2013, by the Barclay Hedge currency traders index. He is now a partner at SMILe and runs their FX investment team, while also working with their graduate and junior traders.

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