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Short Selling Stocks – How to do that?

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The goal of this course is to describe what equity short selling is, how one shorts a stock, how it can be profitable, and what the risks of short selling are.

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About this course

How to profit from shorting stocks?

Short selling equities: Betting that stocks will fall can be highly profitable despite the risks.

Profiting from shorting stocks requires a skeptical mindset. But for contrarians with patience and discipline, shorting can be very rewarding.

It seems almost everyone wants stock prices to go higher. The shareholders of a company get wealthier if their stock goes up. Employees of a company, who often own stock options, hope for higher prices. Management may get bonuses if share prices rise. People are counting on stock values in their retirement accounts to rise. Money managers’ careers rely on higher stock prices.  Exchanges, brokers and investment websites thrive on equity bull markets. Even the president of the U.S. points to higher stock market prices as a sign of his success.

In this stock short-selling course we’ll learn:

  • What short selling is
  • The mechanics of short selling stocks
  • How to find stocks poised to trade lower
  • Shorting equities based on fundamental and technical analysis
  • Historical examples of classic stock short sales
  • What short interest is and how it can impact your short positions
  • The dangers of short selling, including the dreaded “short-squeeze”
  • The importance of short trade management and buy stops
  • How keeping a “short book” can help your long investing

Is there anyone who wants stock prices to go down? The answer is yes -- one group of people are hoping stocks lose value. Short sellers. Why do short sellers want stock prices to go down? Because they can make a lot of money.

But short selling equities is far from easy -- it’s more difficult than buying stocks long, for many reasons. However, for those with a contrarian mindset, running against the bullish herd offers unique profit potential.  In this course, we’ll study the basics of how to make money betting on the downside -- shorting stocks.

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