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Trading Advice To Improve Your Long Term Profitability

by Orlando Gutierrez

About this course

This course will teach you how to tweak certain aspects of your trading to become more profitable inmediately without changing anything about your system. This course will not teach you how to trade and it will not teach you technical analysis. This is what you will learn in this small but necesarry course:

  • How to correctly position your stop losses so you don´t get stopped out on stop hunts
  • How to correctly calculate targets so you don´t see your profits evaporate on a deep retracement
  • The importance of risk to reward ratios in trading

Remember, trading is not about knowing where price is going to be in the next 15 minutes, day or week. It´s about math and risk. It´s about taking high probability setups, knowing your risk parameters, knowing where to get out if the trade doesn´t go in your favour and knowing where to take profits. 

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Orlando Gutierrez

Course Instructor

  • Orlando is a founding partner and serves as Chief Executive Officer and Head Trader. He has several years of experience privately managing funds for his clients and investing them in the financial markets with his "ride the waves" approach to trading.

    Orlando has mentored a vast amount of beginner traders and sent them into the technical analysis of price action path; some of them are now part time traders making a second income for themselves. He has also colaborated with the best trading academies as a Forex Specialist and Currency Analyst.

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