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Trading Foundations they don’t want you to know

by Stefano Breschi

About this course

Most traders lose their money, some take longer than others, but it is only the lucky few that make it.  The TFF Trading Academy reveals how to avoid the sharks - how to trade in a safer environment. 

Most of the information from others will tell you how to trade, but it doesn’t get into the real psychology, it doesn’t give you the real pitfalls to avoid.

Do you know why?... 

Because it is in their interest for you to fail. 

These videos are just the beginning, and if you are serious about trading you will want more from us.

This is our way of making a difference, and even if you don’t believe that yet, just make sure you watch all the videos below before you even consider live trading.

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Stefano Breschi

    Course Instructor

    • Stefano is an Italian national who moved to England  at the age of 15. He qualified as an Engineer and  started his professional life in the Oil Industry. In his late 20s he switched to Finance and started a 25 year career during which he served as Investment Banking Officer for Mitsubishi Finance and Chemical Bank, specializing in Fixed Income debt securities. In the 90s he worked as Broker and Fund Manager at Lemanik SA in Switzerland before becoming Chief Representative for Promos Bank of Italy in Asia. After a 4 year spell in Green Energy as Director of Business Development for Global Water Engineering of Belgium, he returned to the field of Securities trading in 2008. His speciality is analysing, teaching and trading Price Action based Technical Analysis.

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