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Introduction to the Trading News Using Binary Options course

This course is about how to make a profitable strategy trading only few times a week – only after important news releases. You may open a direct position, be it forex or futures market, but I suggest you to trade binaries, because they are very simple to use and you always can find a broker who offers binaries on a wide range of assets.

Of course, you may have heard that people who trade binaries always lose their money, but I can assure that it’s not true. If you are a beginner and have no trading system, you will lose. But if you apply a real profitable strategy to your account, you will be a successful trader. I believe that after passing this course your chances to be a successful trader will be higher.

What I teach in this course is how to identify trading patterns which usually happen after the most significant events take place. I teach you how to predict future price movement just knowing market participants reaction to this particular news. Why do I know that? Because participants often overestimate risks and underestimate the impact of a certain economic process for a certain currency. And you may use this market ineffectiveness.

This course consists of 6 sections and I am sure it is understandable for beginners, but advanced traders also find this course helpful. If you’d have any questions, feel free to ask. Any of them. Just send me a direct message or open a discussion.

This course is well-structured. The first section of this course is an introduction. In the second section of the course you’ll get theoretical knowledge about binary options, brokers and platforms.

I’m kindly asking you not to rate this course after passing only 2 sections, because the main essence of this course is in next sections.

I made a really hard work doing a research. Everything was made manually, that’s why it took me 3 months to create this course. But what is more important is that I can interpret this statistics and made logical conclusion. I hope you will be able to do the same after the end this course.

If you think that this course is not suitable for you, please, don't put a bad rating, you may just ask for refund. Why I ask you not to do that is because I know that this trading technique really works and I know people who applied it to their accounts and improved their profitability.

The third section is the most important. I teach you what news are important for the market, how participants react to them and what is vital – how to make a research and create your own trading pattern. I also give you some of them as readymade solution. Thus you may use them and start earning money.

In the fourth and fifth sections, I give you some statistics and help to find out a certain pattern after these events releases. You may collect more data and then make your own conclusion, or just use my suggestions. I’m sure that my developments will help you to improve your trading performance. You can regard them as ready-made solutions.

In the last section I demonstrate you a few trading examples to be sure, that you are able to do the same, use same patterns and make profitable trades.

After passing this course, you would be able to identify a trading pattern after a certain economic release. You'll also learn when open a trade and what expiration time to choose to make this strategy more profitable. You may start with demo account to try how it works, but I’m sure that this course will help to start earning real money trading binary options. For these who would like to start trading binary options, I can give you my skype to speed up our cooperation. 
See you inside!

Be  careful: European Union bans binary options!
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