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That´s me – Jared Tendler

Jared Tendler – Professional performance coach

Jared Tendler, MS, LMHC

For the last seven years, I’ve been the leading expert in the mental game poker without being a player myself. I’ve coached over 400 poker players hailing from 40 countries, including several of the top poker players in the world. I’m also the author of two best-selling books:

The Mental Game of Poker 1 and 2

My books are widely used by traders, who routinely comment that simply changing the word “poker” to “trading” makes the book apply perfectly to them. Over the last two years I’ve steadily increased my expertise working with traders, and now have a roster of trading clients benefiting from my methods.

Prior to becoming the leading expert in poker, I got a Master’s degree and license in psychology, and then started working as mental game coach for golfers in 2005. (I was a three-time All-American golfer in college.) Over the next two years I coached players on the LPGA, PGA and Nationwide Tour, as well as top-ranked juniors and serious amateurs. In 2007, after coaching a former professional golfer turned poker player, I began translating the practical and straightforward approach I’d developed to poker. Over the years, my practice has continued to grow, and I’ve had success with clients in a variety of fields, including trading, football, chess, billiards, and tennis.


My coaching helps traders in two ways: eliminating common trading errors and correcting mental game problems. Many traders assume their trading errors can be eliminated by reading chartsbetter, improved technical analysis, or more detailed knowledge of the markets.But errors such as forcing mediocre trade set-ups, hesitating on entries, exiting trades too early, chasing the market, and sticking with a losing trade too long often are caused by underlying mental game problems. Greater trading knowledge can’t overcome the mental or emotional problem holding you back. That’s why traders work with me. I help them correct the problems they cannot. Problems such as:

  • Lack of discipline
  • Fear (Losing money, missing out, giving back profit, etc)
  • Impatience
  • Not trusting your gut
  • Greed
  • Anger (Mistakes, losing money, revenge trading, etc)
  • Transitioning from the simulator
  • Overconfidence and a loss of confidence
  • Misreading the market


"My firm teaches people how to trade the markets for daily income. As an active trader, I can say the hardest part about trading is the discipline it takes to be successful. Having a great trading plan is just part of it. Having the ability to follow the plan is the key - and that takes discipline. That’s where Jared Tendler comes in. At our last live event in Jacksonville, FL we retained Jared to spend some time with our students discussing “The Mental Game” of trading. This was the first time we brought in an outside speaker to one of our events and Jared was spot on! He captivated the room and we all learned a great deal about ourselves – which makes us all better traders."

~David Marsh, Traders Education LLC

“The Mental Game of Poker is one of the only ‘trading’ books I recommend.”

~Chris Dunn,

"Since I started working with Jared my awareness and understanding of my mental state has tripled and is still rising! We made a full mental problem area profile with solutions and I can always fall back on this when traveling and in competition. My confidence has become more stable because loosing doesn't always mean you're playing bad. My expectations have decreased, which has led to less pressure and more confidence. This complete package has resulted in more tournament wins, and this year alone, two more European titles and a second World title!! "

~Niels Feijen, #1 ranked pool player in the world

“It is the only book I recommend”

~Greg Merson, 2012 WSOP Main Event Champion

“My mental game is tough, I don’t tilt anymore”

~Justin Oliver, 2013 WSOP bracelet winner

“The best poker book ever written and it’s not even close.”

~ Lex Veldhuis, PokerStars Team Pro

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