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Winning Strategy for Short-term Trends

by ituexchange


About this course

This is a rule-based discretionary system. Rule-based discretionary traders are among the best traders on this planet.

At the end of this course, you would see that:

  • The Forex market is the best trending market that exists. There is always a trending instrument in Forex no matter the current volatility contraction in the market.
  • You would trade like a master, managing your risk along the way and with rock-solid discipline.
  • You would avoid further drawdowns in bad markets and make nice profits in good markets.
  • You would predict the market accurately, give yourself a sensible risk-to-reward ratio and you would survive profitably in the market in the long run.

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Course Instructor

  • Azeez Mustapha is an official analyst at Instaforex Companies Group and a blogger at Advfn.com, and as well as a freelance author for trading magazines. He is a trading signals provider at some websites. His articles are also available on other websites like www.ituglobalforex.blogspot.com. His email: azeez.mustapha@analytics.instaforex.com

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