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More than 130,000 visitors every month

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Tradimo for the people: Why it matters

“From the start, Tradimo has helped me a lot from on my way to becoming a now part-time trader. The content is explained in a simple and understandable way and covers pretty much all questions that arise for a beginner. Through the community, I’ve been inspired into many directions and ultimately found my own style. Tradimo has steadily developed further since my first day and I’m sure that trend will continue in the future.

New traders can already benefit from communicating with more experienced traders in the forum. Naturally, it has taken a couple of years for the community to reach that stage. Meanwhile, I believe a lot of users can tell their own story about trading and help other members. You won’t find this kind of partly free, high quality courses and education anywhere else currently. Finally, I’d like to say that I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the people behind Tradimo at multiple events. I’ve enjoyed the appreciation I felt there and would like to be a part of this community in the internet and live at offline events also in the future.” Matthias Knopf, 27 years old, Austria

“I think Tradimo is a great website, I believe anyone who knows Tradimo well would be very happy to recommend it to their friends. At Tradimo, beginner, intermediate or advanced level traders alike get to take away really useful and practical stuff. Another selling point is its open discussion forum. In the very near future we will definitely see Tradimo creating even more exciting chapters for the global finance community. ” Jiang Wei, CEO at Kela Asset Management, 28 years old, China

"When I started trading, I began to learn to trade at the same time at Tradimo. I read a lot about money and risk management, watched numerous videos about economic fundamentals and studied the articles on technical analysis. That’s probably what saved me from losing a lot of money, next to my natural instinct to be careful. I knew from the start, that the financial markets are no place for gamblers, but I didn’t understand technical analysis well enough. Tradimo has opened up the way for me to find my own, independent way of trading.

I really value the friendly and helpful community at Tradimo. Both online and offline when we’re having a community meeting, everyone is open, intelligent and interested in great conversations. Therefore, I can honestly recommend beginners to inform themselves about trading and investing at Tradimo.” Hickson, 31 years old, Germany

“The content available in Tradimo is priceless. Thank you from all of my heart for the precious help that you have provided, and I wish you best.” Osama Dabbour, 35 years old, Syria

“I have tried other websites before, however I have never come across a site so systematic like Tradimo. I find the different types of learning material useful in their own way, such as videos, article, quizzes. I highly recommend this systematic website for anyone who would like to self-learn.” Lin Peng, 20 years old, China

“I have learnt a lot from Tradimo and used its strategies and tested them; I usually advise my friend to check Tradimo, because it’s easy to use, unique and has rich content.” Ahmad Zubair, 26 years old, Iraq

Tradimo for you: 50% revenue share*

  • You define the price for the course and like with trading our advice is: don’t be greedy, make sure you deliver value and get rewarded for it.
  • You get 50% of the price you charge. The other half goes to Tradimo and is used for marketing and technology investments to bring more and more people to Tradimo.
  • We help you maximise sales through our network of partners: Users can either pay for your course or, if a partner has chosen to sponsor the course through Tradimo’s system, they can perform a required action on the partner’s website and get a partial or full discount on the course, depending on the price you have chosen and the extent of the partner sponsorship. You still get your share as if they had paid the full price.

(*after transaction cost)

What top educators are saying

“Knowledge is the first step on the road to success - especially in the financial markets. Tradimo’s is leading the way, because the platform empowers every retail investor to study the complex topic “financial markets” through modern online courses.” Michael Voigt, Best-selling author, professional trader and educator

“I am excited to be able to offer a course on Tradimo. The amount of information available online on the topic of “Forex Trading” is huge and I feel it’s long overdue that someone takes this dense information and puts it into a structure that allows new traders to start out with an edge. It’s an honour for me to contribute to this process.” Jens Klatt, Best-selling author, Founder of Jens Klatt Trading, Germany

“I want to talk about the students that have taken my course: They’ve gotten jobs at investment banks, two of them started their own funds, an algo fund in Norway and an index option fund that hasn’t made a loss in 12 months and for which I’ll be a strategic advisor now. All people who teach should ultimately be measured by the success of their students and that’s what I stand for. You can feel that Tradimo cares a lot about everyone that comes here to learn which convinced me immediately to join and offer my course here." Wayne Walker, Managing Director GCMS, Trader, Educator, Denmark