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How to buy and sell ADA

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To use ADA, Cardano’s main digital token, you must download Daedalus, the official and currently the only ADA wallet. To download it click here.

Daedalus has a number of features:

  • Encrypted private keys and spending passwords

  • Your wallet can be exported as a certificate, giving you the maximum security option

  • Transactions monitoring, notifying you when each one of your transactions become irreversible.

How to use Daedalus

After downloading and installing the software you will need to wait for it to sync with the Cardano Blockchain.

This could take up to 40 minutes.Once the syncing is done Press 'Create a new wallet’ and give the wallet a name.


Then press on 'Activate to create password'. This will open some boxes asking you to create a password.

Following, press 'Create personal wallet'.

On the next step, you will be given a recovery phrase, containing 12 words.


Please remember to write the phraze down and keep it somewhere safe. If anyone gets a hold of it they can open your wallet and take your coins.

Once you've secured your phrase press on 'Yes, I have written it down'.

On the next step you will be asked to confirm your recovery phrase through a selection of words. Following, you will be asked to confirm that you agree to given terms regarding your recovery phrase.


Your wallet is now open. Under ‘Receive’ you can copy your wallet’s address in order to send your ADA to your personal wallet after purchasing them online.


Where to buy ADA

Here are the online exchanges currently offering or accepting ADA:



Cardano is currently the only blockchain project being designed by a team of academics and engineers, they envision a different future for the world of cryptocurrencies.

It is still early to know if the market will embrace Cardano since a number of its key features haven't been released.

We can be certain of one thing though, never before has such a Blockchain project been so transparent and detailed.


































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