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Forex (foreign exchange) or currency trading is one of the most popular forms of trading. Every day, trillions of dollars worth of forex trading occurs, the market is open 24 hours on 5 days per week and currency values are among the fastest to react when a major news about a country’s economy comes out.
At Tradimo, we see learning to trade forex as a great preparation for learning to trade anything else. Even if you would like to become a stocks trader, forex plays an important role for you, because when you own stocks denoted in a different currency than your own country’s currency, you are actually also making a forex trade. And sometimes, when you live in a country whose currency is very unstable, not taking action, i.e. owning foreign currencies or assets denoted in foreign currencies, can be a big risk as well.
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Why Take The Forex Trader Nanodiploma?
The forex trader nanodiploma is divided into five terms designed to provide you the knowledge and practical experience to become a successful forex trader. With each level, the difficulty increases and you gain a deeper understanding of how everything fits together. All important aspects of forex trading are taught. These include: general trading knowledge, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, trading psychology and concrete trading strategies.
4 Trillion
Amount of currencies traded per day
Data from January 2017
TOP 5%
of traders in forex make 99% of the return thanks to great education and experience
For the entire duration of this nanodiploma, you can contact and ask us questions at any time. Moreover, we will give you personal feedback on all of your projects in each term and ensure that you have understood everything perfectly.
Study Path
Step by step, you get the courses, quizzes and practical projects in the most effective and fun order. Once you have completed your learning journey, you receive your personal Tradimo certificate.
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Courses with Lessons & Quizzes

You get access to the most suitable and highly rated courses for your learning goal. Our courses consist of videos, supporting texts and quizzes to test your knowledge all of which you can enjoy at your own pace.
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After a number of courses where you have learned new concepts and tested your understanding via quizzes, you get the chance to apply your knowledge in a number of practical projects. You upload the results directly in the system and get personal feedback from your own professional trading mentor.
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Term Certificate

Once you have passed all terms with the corresponding courses, quizzes and projects, we will create your own personalised certificate so you can show the world what you've accomplished. You can put it on your wall, add it to your CV, share it on Facebook or add it to your LinkedIn profile, because you have every right to be proud.
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Certified Forex Trader

You will be ready to apply your knowledge in the real world for the rest of your life, continue with more education at Tradimo and look for job opportunities that your Nanodiploma helps you with. Let your mentor know if you are interested in jobs that suit your Nanodiploma and we will put you in touch with our network.
Every day, trillions of dollars worth of forex trading occurs, the market is open 24 hours on 5 days per week and currency values are among the fastest to react.
What You Will Learn
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