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NEO - China's largest Cryptocurrency

by Tradimo

About this course

NEO is blockchain network using digital assets and smart contracts in order to digitize physical assets and revolutionize its transfer between users. 

In this free course, you will learn key facts about the digital tokens used in the network and how the tokens have been designed to provide value but also sustain the purpose of the network. More importantly, you will found out how NEO's consensus mechanism works.

Lastly, you will learn how to use a crypto wallet for the NEO digital tokens and which ones are the best for safekeeping your digital tokens.

The course is comprised of three parts.

Here are is the outline of what you will take after completing it: 

  • basics facts about the NEO network
  • what is a smart contract
  • what is a digital signature
  • who are NEO's founders and what is their purpose for the NEO network
  • what is NEO's consensus mechanism
  • how to buy and sell NEO digital tokens
  • different kind of crypto wallets to use in order to hold your NEO tokens in a safe way

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