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The Best Courses to Learn to Trade & Invest Included at No Extra Cost

The best Tradimo courses are in the Nanodiplomas. You get access to all courses in your Nanodiploma at no additional cost as part of your Tradimo Premium subscription.

  • Hundreds of hours of award-winning online courses on trading, investing and general money knowledge to improve your financial freedom.
  • Tradimo’s experts come from all walks of life: University professors, investment bankers, proprietary traders, successful hobby traders, professional educators and bestselling authors.
  • All courses are quality-assured by Tradimo to meet the highest standards in financial e-learning.
  • You and other Tradimo members are the ultimate judges with your ability to rate and review all courses.
  • Pop-quizzes to test your understanding
  • With Tradimo Premium you get access to the courses that we recommend for your learning goal and don't have to pay extra for any of them.

Nanodiploma: Learning Path, Mentorship & Certificate

The Tradimo Nanodiploma™ combines the best courses for trading and investing career goals such as becoming a forex trader, stocks trader, long-term investor, daytrader, cryptocurrency trader, etc. into structured learning plans.

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  • The practical projects ensure that you haven’t just studied and tested your knowledge via our quizzes but can also apply the knowledge in the real world on a risk-free demo account or on your own live account.

  • Each Nanodiploma student gets a personal mentor who answers all your questions and assesses your practical projects.

Trading Signals to Boost Your Success

The best learning experience is a combination of theory, practice and application.

  • Many of Tradimo’s experts trade and invest themselves and enjoy sharing their trade ideas and the signals provided by their strategies.
  • The signals are currently based on 15 strategies and have generated 20-60+% per year during the last 7 years. They are adapted to changing market conditions.
  • With Tradimo Premium you get full access to all trading signals in real-time via a special application for desktop and mobile.
See signals in action

You can use the signals for your own learning. If you use the signals for your own trading, you do so at your own risk. Keep in mind that past performance is not a guarantee of future success and that the signals do not constitute financial advice.

Live Online Webinars

Tradimo generally allows you to learn when and where it suits you, because we believe that this is how learning in the age of the internet should be.

  • feedbackMany Tradimo members like to ask their questions in a live environment or share their screens to get input.
  • discussionsSometimes there are new developments in the financial world that we want to share immediately with you.
  • live webinarsFor these purposes we organise regular live webinars where we can share our own screens with you directly, introduce new topics or chat live about the issues you are facing.

Personalised Learning Support

As a Premium member, you get a personal mentor that assesses your Nanodiploma projects (see above). On top of that, you get access to a special support inbox for premium members where your questions will be answered before all others.

Ad-Free Learning Experience

Tradimo earns money from advertising for leading banks, brokers, exchanges, software providers, etc., course sales and Premium Subscriptions. Since you are already paying us by being a Premium Member, we can remove all ads for you so you can focus on the best learning progress.

Sponsored by a Bank or Broker

You can get Tradimo Premium for free if you open an account at selected banks and brokers via our link, deposit and start trading there.

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Get the best online learning experience for forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, options, futures and more - everything included for one simple monthly price.



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