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The Forex Foundation Course

by Lee Sandford CFTe, MSTA

About this course

The Forex Foundation Course is designed for complete beginners and includes everything you need to know to start trading the Forex market today. This online course is the perfect learning platform from which to launch your trading career and will prove to be the backbone of your trading success. The great thing about trading is that anyone can do it and The Forex Foundation Course will provide you with the skills you need to start. Whatever your reasons are for learning how to trade, once you learn how to do it right you will have these skills for the rest of your life. 

The course will cover in detail:

  • How professional traders make their money 
  • Why uneducated traders never make consistent profit
  • How to set up your charts and navigate your way around them with ease
  • How to place trades with a broker
  • How much risk you should place on a trade and how to work this out easily
  • Plus much, much more...


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Lee Sandford CFTe, MSTA

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  • Following an 18 year career in professional football, Lee Sandford has traded for nearly 20 years (full time for over 13 years) and earns his living predominantly as a trader. Lee founded Trading College in 2009 in response to demand from other traders (beginners and advanced) who wished to observe him live trading. Now a Certified Financial Technician, MSTA, CFTe, and bestselling author, his message to his students is: "Learn how to trade properly and you can have as much freedom in your life as you want". At Trading College our belief is that with the correct education, guidance and support anyone can profitably trade the financial markets.


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