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Trading the NFP (Non-Farm Payrolls)

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What’s In This Guide

Created by Littlefish FX.

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What’s In This Guide

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about NFP, how it impacts the markets and how to trade it. Below is a summary of what you’ll find:

  • Introduction to the NFP: What it says on the tin – in this chapter, we’ll introduce the NFP, explain what it is, where to find the data you need, and just why it’s so important to the markets.
  • What You Need to Trade the NFP: In this chapter, find out what tools and platforms you’ll require in order to apply our NFP strategy.
  • Affected Currencies & Volatility: Not all risk events will be important to all currencies – in this chapter, we’ll explain which currencies are affected by NFP and why. We’ll also give you some examples of how NFP can affect volatility in the markets.
  • The Reuters Poll Number: In this chapter, we’ll discuss how the NFP is forecasted in the Reuters Poll and how you can use this information to your advantage. 
  • NFP Trading Strategies: In this section, we’ll outline in detail how to trade the NFP with easy to follow rules.
  • Advanced NFP Trading Strategy: Once you’ve mastered the basic NFP strategy, find out how you can maximise profits with our advanced version.
  • Risk Management and Trade Psychology: A word on managing risk and keeping your head straight before you get started.
  • NFP Trading Strategy Cheat Sheet & Conclusion: We’ve come to the end of our NFP guide and it’s time for you to put what you’ve learnt into action! Our ‘Cheat Sheet’ is our NFP trading strategy in a nutshell - handy to keep by your side during the NFP trading session. 
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    4.9(8 Reviews)