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Value Investing

by Tradimo

About this course

Buying stocks for less than they are worth

The goal of this value investing course is to explain what value investing is, what the key concepts are and how value investing can be used to build wealth while minimizing risk. The value investor profits by buying stocks at discounts to intrinsic value.

Value Investing is a strategy that seeks to buy stocks trading at discounts to intrinsic or private market value. The value investor profits by focusing on business fundamentals rather than price speculation.

Value Investing is the purchase of stocks for less than they are worth. A value investor seeks to buy the shares of a publicly traded company when its market price trades at a discount to the company’s true or intrinsic value. The value investor expects that at some point in the future the company’s discounted price will rise and reflect the full value of the company. At that point the investor may sell for a profit.  

What this Value Investing Course will help you learn:

  • What value investing is and how it differs from other investing strategies
  • What intrinsic value is and how it is determined
  • Who Benjamin Graham is and the significance of Mr. Market
  • What anchoring bias is and why value investors may avoid it
  • What Margin of Safety is and how it reduces investment risk
  • What net-net stocks are and why they are exceptional low-risk opportunities
  • Which financial reports you need as a value investor

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