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Which investing style and strategy is best for you?

by Jalpan Dave

About this course

There is so much information about investing and all kinds of different vehicles and strategies like options, trend following, value investing, dividend investing, forex trading, REITs, CFDs.......

It can get very confusing very fast. Which one should you choose?!?!

Guess what, you don't need to know everything! I spent (or rather wasted) 5 years trying to learn it all before realizing that to achieve your goal, you only need one strategy that will enable you to be in flow and love the process so that you can do it consistently. For example, if you hate financial statements and charts and watching the news all the time, you can still invest! It can take only 30 minutes a year and you don't need to read charts or financial statements or the news!

The question is - how do you know what strategy is the right fit for you?

This course will show you how!

In this course, you will learn:

1) Why investing is of utmost importance

2) Why market crashes occur

3) Get an overview of the different ways to invest and decide which is best for you

4) How to save enough money every month for investing

5) BONUS: an investment strategy that gives you results with as little as 30 mins a year!!


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Jalpan Dave

    Course Instructor

    • I am a millennial, an investor and an engineer. Aged 26, I currently manage my investment portfolio that is closing in on 6 figures and I have also discovered the various ways to generate monthly cash flow through investing.

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