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An Intraday Strategy Based on a Currency Strength Meter

by ituexchange


About this course

Looking at the Currency Strength Meter (CSM), the best thing to do is to combine the strongest currency with the weakest currency for the best result.

It is imperative that you recognize when the market is very strong or very weak (active); and when the market is silent (inactive) so that you would approach the market as rationally as possible.

It would enable you to quickly see which currency is the strongest right now and which one is the weakest, so that that you can make the best trading decision.

Profitable Forex trading is all about matching weak currencies versus strong currencies.

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  • Azeez Mustapha is an official analyst at Instaforex Companies Group and a blogger at Advfn.com, and as well as a freelance author for trading magazines. He is a trading signals provider at some websites. His articles are also available on other websites like www.ituglobalforex.blogspot.com. His email: azeez.mustapha@analytics.instaforex.com

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