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Head and Shoulders – Identify Trend Reversals in Trading

by Tradimo

About this course

Use a visual representation of trend reversal to take advantage of market movements

Add this powerful method of trading advanced candlestick analysis to your trading in this specially tailored video course.

By learning to identify and trade the Head and Shoulders pattern you will be able to further understand the dynamics of candlestick analysis and how to take advantage of trend reversals in the market.

This course will show you how to identify a popular method of trading using price action and how you can optimise entry, stop loss placement and profit taking to widen your trading knowledge.

By taking this trend reversal identification course, you will learn:

  • how to identify a powerful reversal pattern
  • which time frames are the best to trade the Head and Shoulders strategy
  • how to pre-empt a completed pattern before it has formed to place a limit order
  • how to maximise entry, stop loss placement and profit

Why does the Head and Shoulders Formation help identify trend reversals?

Head and shoulders formations are, like all technical analysis patterns, part self-fulfilling prophecies, part deeply rooted in psychology and game theory and part a very accurate reflection of supply and demand. When the market is making a new local high, then stagnates and then falls, the likelihood of the upward move being, at least temporarily, over is higher than a trend continuation.

Take the course to learn more about this fascinating formation.

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