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Macro Fundamentals - Learn to Trade and Invest Like a Real Pro

by Fotis Papatheofanous


About this course


In this presentation I am going to show you a 3 step approach that is very similar to the way professionals in investment banks approach the markets and if you stay disciplined and follow the guidelines, you will see a dramatic change in your performance.

At the end of this presentation you will be able to go off and do this for yourself.  Even if you are a complete beginner we will show you how to get start trading like a real professional.

We will present to you a methodology that is widely used by big investment banks and professionals, as well as, successful hedge funds. Even if you are completely new to investing and trading or if you have been trading for years basing your decisions mostly in technical tools, this will benefit you too, since you will discover what is moving the markets and where to look for opportunities.

But I also wish to help those that can “smell” success, you have been trying for years to make it in the financial markets and you realize you are close but there is actually something still missing…… well please allow me to reveal to you the missing link



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Fotis Papatheofanous

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Course Instructor

  • Fotis Papatheofanous MBA, is an experienced trader, analyst and portfolio manager. Starting his career in private banking and in the hedge funds industry, Fotis has worked as an investment consultant, asset manager and proprietary trader and is also one of the Managing Partners of the Fotis Trading Academy.

    Fotis boasts an extensive and impressive academic education, but is also a true hands on portfolio manager and trader, with an outstanding track record, as well as a reputation for having the utmost integrity. Renowned for his global macro knowledge and practical application, Fotis has an uncanny ability to interpret global economic, geo political and financial events to consistently source value from today’s unpredictable financial markets.

Enrol to this course and start learning!
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