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Recordings of the Q&A webinars 2017

by Tradimo

About this course

This course includes all Q&A webinars of the year 2017. All premium members have free access to the live webinars and on this course. In the webinars, all open questions on various topics are clarified, solutions presented and trade ideas suggested and discussed.

All this happens in a relaxed and interactive atmosphere.

The usual content of a Q&A webinar are:

  • Answer all open questions of the premium members
  • Content to a specific topic (usually on a daily basis)
  • Analysis of important charts

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  • We believe in a world where people manage their own money. That’s why we have been building one of the largest online learning platforms for you to learn from the best traders, investors and personal finance gurus out there. Learning to trade, invest and manage your money is a serious task, at the same time it’s fun and much easier when someone shares their knowledge with you and brings you to a level where you can make your own experiences and learn by being active in the markets yourself while speaking with others in a community.

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a year ago

Christophe Lintermans

Matthias and Sebastian are killing it in each Webinar. For me the most helpful one was the last one where I was personally present during its recording. They both did a great job of explaining the beginner strategy from scratch again and giving two examples on how to apply it. It is still helpful for me to re-watch that seminar if I havent been trading for a couple of days due to my other commitments. I am looking forward to each webinar right now and hope I can attend most of them during its live recording.
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