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Getting Started

Now, we come to the programming topics. 


Now why do we need to learn programming? This is because we will be using amibroker for our backtesting and need to write our backtesting code.  On the whole, amibroker is quite intuitive, which minimises our learning curve. But still, we need to know some very basic of programming. In this course, we will go through the very bare basics of programming, just enough to get you started. If you are an experienced programmer, you can actually skip right ahead.


So what is programming? Programming is about giving the computer a set of instructions on exactly what to do, and how to react when it encounters a certain situation. This section will talk about the basic building blocks of programming. These building blocks are actually applicable across many other programming codes. So once you learn this section, you can carry across your skills to other types and languages of programming.


 Either you love it or you hate it! 

It maybe daunting to some of you. 

Don’t worry, I will handhold you and guide you through this section. I promise its worth your time. For those of you who have done programming before and understand the basics of variable, conditional, syntax, keywords, function and commenting,  you can actually skip right ahead!


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