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تطبيق السيكولوجيا في التداول

by Jared Tendler

About this course

سوف تخبرك نصائح التداول الشائعة أن علم النفس هو الجزء الأكثر أهمية لتصبح متداول ناجح. تقول هذه الحكمة السائدة أنه بعد أن تتعلم كيفية قراءة الرسم البياني، الفرق بين كسب المال  وخسارته يتحدد بقدرتك على أن تكون منضبطاً، واثقاً، لا تعرف الخوف، ولا تطمع.

في هذا الدرس سوف تتعلم:

  • أهمية العامل النفسي في التداول
  • ما هي الأساطير النفسية الكبرى في التداول
  • كيفية السيطرة على مشاعرك في التداول

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Jared Tendler

Course Instructor

  • For the last years, I’ve been the leading expert in the mental game poker without being a player myself. I’ve coached over 400 poker players hailing from 40 countries, including several of the top poker players in the world. I’m also the author of two best-selling books:

    The Mental Game of Poker 1 and 2

    My books are widely used by traders, who routinely comment that simply changing the word “poker” to “trading” makes the book apply perfectly to them. Over the last two years I’ve steadily increased my expertise working with traders, and now have a roster of trading clients benefiting from my methods.

    Prior to becoming the leading expert in poker, I got a Master’s degree and license in psychology, and then started working as mental game coach for golfers in 2005. (I was a three-time All-American golfer in college.) Over the next two years I coached players on the LPGA, PGA and Nationwide Tour, as well as top-ranked juniors and serious amateurs. In 2007, after coaching a former professional golfer turned poker player, I began translating the practical and straightforward approach I’d developed to poker. Over the years, my practice has continued to grow, and I’ve had success with clients in a variety of fields, including trading, football, chess, billiards, and tennis.

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