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'Advanced scaling in' webinar

Watch the 'Advanced scaling in' webinar

See how a professional trader applies this advanced money management tool to enhance his results. Follow Jack as he teaches you his rules for advanced scaling in.

In this webinar you will learn...

  • ... what market conditions are ideal for advanced scaling in
  • ... what is the difference between advanced scaling in done by professionals and averaging down, a practice mostly used by losing traders
  • ... how to manage your trading capital
  • ... conservative and aggressive style advanced scaling in
  • ... how to find levels or confirmation signals for advanced scaling in

Who is Jack Inman?

Jack has been a professional trader for nearly a decade. He has been a trading expert of the English community on tradimo and produced many high quality content and courses such as the Gap Trading, Advanced Gap Trading strategies. Before joining tradimo Jack worked as a prop trader at Marex and Tower Trading Group, and he was the Director of Cuatro Capital.

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