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The four types of crypto assets – A blockchain taxonomy

by Tradimo

About this course

To master any topic, you need to understand its taxonomy, i.e. the way terms are connected and structured within a topic. Get to know the scientifically structured way to think about cryptocurrencies and cryptographic assets in general in this course.

What are the four types of cryptographic assets?

The four types of crypto or blockchain assets are

  1. Payment Cryptographic Assets
  2. Protocol Cryptographic Assets
  3. Application Tokens (these are part of the Protocol Token family)
  4. Side Chains (these are part of the Protocol Token family)

You will learn more about each of these in this course.

How to think about cryptographic assets in a structured way

Brave New Coin has provided an incredible service to the blockchain and cryptocurrency research, trading and investment world. They have created a complete taxonomy of cryptographic assets that forms the basis of this course and is highly recommended for anyone that seeks to engage with cryptocurrency investing such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, Tether and countless others. 

Why does understanding the crypto taxonomy help me invest better? 

When you invest in a crypto asset such as a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or a token like Ether, it is important to understand what exactly it is that you are investing in and how it relates to other cryptocurrencies, tokens, blockchains or decentralised applications (dapps). Without understanding the taxonomy of the crypto world, you are a blind fish waiting to swim with the swarm until it is eaten by a whale. A master of crypto taxonomy can make his or her own decisions in the new decentralised world of crypto assets.

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