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Option Trading: How to Adjust Delta-Neutral Strangles!

by Viktor Neustroev

About this course

Updated in March'2016! New Live Trades added!

Learn how to sell delta-neutral strangles and regulate them!

In this course I will show you that it’s possible to earn money selling options and explain why. This course focuses on selling delta-neutral strangles as I consider this method to be the most profitable.

I will demonstrate a unique (my own) procedure how and when to regulate your position: when it’s time to roll your strike and when just to wait. And you will also learn when and where to enter and escape the market and what to do if different market scenarios realize.

What are the requirements?

  • Just an open mind
  • Basic knowledge of trading is welcome, but not obligatory

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn about delta-neutral strangles and understand when and how trade them
  • Learn criteria when to enter the market and close your trade
  • Find the best moment to sell a delta-neutral strangle
  • Roll your strike to maximize your profit
  • Learn when to leave the market immediately to avoid additional risk
  • Manage a delta-neutral strangle
  • Regulate the delta of option position

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone interested in option trading
  • Forex, stocks, futures and options traders
  • Anyone who wants to create an additional income from financial markets

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Viktor Neustroev

Course Instructor

  • My name is Viktor Neustroev and I am a trader.

    Since 2003 I have been trading financial markets starting with FOREX and then broadening horizons to commodity markets. Trading is all my life, but it really became a passion when I started trading options. Trading financial markets gives people what they really want - financial independence.

    I am also a chessplayer and a chess coach for my daughter (you can find my name in FIDE rating list). Why I like financial markets? Because it's like chess, when you know the rules, but you don't need to play against the market. Just follow your plan, again and again!

    To sum up, I am here to share my trading experience. I believe that everyone wants to leave a trace in history and I see my mission in teaching and making people's life better.

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