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What is this course about?

This course is about option trading as I mentioned it in a headline. In the first section of the course you will learn some theory about options, some basic terminology and, of course, the main goal is to learn due to what you can make money when you trade options. Moreover, I will describe you the Greeks in details. These are very important parameters, but not every option trader knows it. But if you are an advanced trader and know all of it you can switch to next section, which is more exciting.

In the second section you will learn how to read market profile and create delta-neutral option strategies, for which the market price impact is minimal. You will understand that it’s possible to stay neutral to the market, but make money. I tried to make this course exciting that’s why I show everything on examples.

And of course live trades are presented in the third section of our course. I will prove that these strategies work and I am sure you will appreciate the result that it could lead to. After the whole course you will be able to open trades using recommended strategies. If you will feel that you can’t, do not hesitate to contact me and ask my attitude to any your trading ideas. For these who would like to start trading options I can give my skype to speed up our cooperation.


See you inside!

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