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Chinese Yuan Offshore Hongkong – CNH

The Chinese Offshore HongKong currency with the ticker symbol CNH ist a bit different from the CNY as you can see here:


Their rates are almost the same (blue line is CNY and red line is CNH) and this is confirmed by a very high positive correlation between them. For the sake of completeness, we would like to mention a few characteristics of the CNH. These are the main differences:

  • CNY is the official Chinese Currency code

  • CNY (onshore currency) is used by the People's Republic of China and recognized as a Means of payment, it is not freely tradable

  • CNH (offshore) is the Chinese currency traded over Hong Kong and other offshore centers worldwide

As part of a planned liberalization of currencies the official currency code, CNY, is most likely to have been enforced, but with the characteristics of the offshore currency CNH.

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